Upcoming Events



Everyone is invited to participate in an Alabama Issues Forum on “Minding Our Future: Investing in Healthy Infants and Toddlers” on Wednesday, February 24th at the Marion Depot, Perry County Chamber of Commerce beginning at 10 o’clock am. The forum will be facilitated by The David Mathews Center for Civic Life.

During the forum, citizens will have the opportunity to explore multiple approaches to supporting children during their first three years of life.

Supporting Alabama’s infants and toddlers will require us working together as a community. According to Harvard University’s Center for the Developing Child, a strong foundation of health for young children requires positive relationships, safe and stable environments, and good nutrition. While Alabama continues to make strides in improving the wellbeing of our youngest citizens, much remains to be done.

“At this forum, citizens will explore options for supporting our youngest Alabamians, and, hopefully, they will make decisions together,” says Cristin Foster, Acting Executive Director of the David Mathews Center for Civic Life.

The forum is being sponsored by the Perry County Extension Office in collaboration with the Perry County Children’s Policy Council. For more information, contact Katrina Easley, Perry County Extension Coordinator at (334) 683-6888.




The David Mathews Center for Civic Life (DMC) is a nonpartisan facilitator of dialogue and deliberation that assists communities, groups and citizens to make more effective and productive decisions. DMC connects Alabama’s citizens with community leaders, teachers, organizations and institutions to share civic practices and discuss issues that affect communities nationwide. DMC’s wide range of experiential, capacity-building programs and education-focused resources helps citizens and communities make decisions. Through its dynamic public forums and regularly-published issue books, DMC fosters productive learning, civic engagement and stronger communities. DMC is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization located in Montevallo, Alabama, with statewide impact.


Emergency Plans


County Extension Coordinator Katrina Easley discuss emergency plans with Red Cross representative Laura Wright. To ensure public safety and preparedness, workshops are held with various community groups on the importance of being prepared and family and home protection in the event of a disaster.

For more about local disaster resources, contact the Perry County Extension office. Or, for additional information, see the website of the Alabama Extension Disaster Education Network (EDEN).

Food Safety and Preservation


Food Safety and Quality Regional Extension Agent Janice Hall conducts a variety of programs throughout the county relating to food safety and preservation. (Photo was taken at a food preservation workshop held in Perry county.)

A brief listing of programs include:

  • ServSafe – food safety certification for all food permit holders
  • Cottage Food Law Food Safety Training – required Farmer’s Market Food Safety for Farmers
  • Good Agriculture Practices (GAP)
  • General Food Safety for Consumers (power point and games)
  • Food Safety When Cooking for Large Groups
  • Food Preservation Workshop
  • Cake Decorating Classes (must charge fee to cover cost of food and supplies)
  • Food Allergens Awareness and Prevention
  • Food/Cooking Demonstration Classes (must charge fee to cover cost of food)
  • Food Safety for Senior Citizens
  • Exhibits for Health Fairs and Events
  • Cooking with You Pressure Cooker – hearty meals in minute
  • Couponing Class

For more information on this or other related topics, contact information, or a calendar of our upcoming classes and events, please visit the Perry County Extension office’s Family & Health page.

Natural Resource Coordinating Council


Located in the midst of Alabama’s Blackbelt, Perry County is rich in natural resources. Through local collaboration with various entities we have formed the Perry County Natural Resource Coordinating Council which oversees both youth and adult educational programs and tours. Annually, youth participate in Classroom in the Forest and Forest in the Classroom activities. To learn more, contact our office at (334) 683-6888. Photo is of locally planted and thinned longleaf pine.

For more information on forestry and natural resources in Perry County, to find agent contact information, or to view our calendar of upcoming seminars and events, please visit the Perry County Extension office’s Natural Resources page.

Home Ground and Pest Management


Regional Extension Agent Willie Datcher provides clients with latest technological advancements as it relates to home grounds and pest. He serves as an educator for the Master Gardner Program in addition to making home visits and farmer presentations. The attached photo is of Willie consulting a local farmer regarding disease on vegetation and the benefits of installing a drip irrigation system.

For more information on Agriculture, Home & Garden, the Master Gardener program, or other related topics, or to find contact information and a calendar of our upcoming classes and events, please visit the Perry County Extension office website.

The Next Generation


Ag in Perry County spans across age disparity in the county. Many family owned farm land exist today, ranging from cattle, catfish, vegetation and goat. Youth are trained at an early stage in life to become the next generation of agriculturist by working on the family farm. The above photo is of three young girls feeding a kid (young goat) whose mother died after birth.

For more information on agriculture, youth programs and other related topics, contact information, or to view our calendar of upcoming events, visit the Perry County Extension Office’s website.

Extreme Birdhouse Competition


Perry County In-School 4-Hers enjoy competing in the annual Extreme Birdhouse competition. Typically held during the spring of the year, 4-Hers have the opportunity to express their creativity by designing extreme living accommodations for birds. Youth who typically compete in this competition are first year 4-Hers at Albert Turner Sr. Elementary School and Uniontown Elementary School.

For more information, and to see how you can get involved today, visit the Perry County 4-H website.

Perry County Youth Leadership


The purpose of the Perry County Junior Ambassadors Program is to inform and educate the participants on governmental affairs, community modeling and to develop personal skills, including conflict management resolution, service learning and mentoring. The mission of the Perry County Junior Ambassadors is to foster an environment that is conducive to enabling youth to become the next generation of leaders. Photo is taken at Phillips Auditorium of the historic campus of Lincoln Normal School in Marion, Alabama during the commemorative address by current Alabama State University President Dr. Gwendolyn Boyd. For more information, visit Lincoln Normal School’s Phillips Memorial Auditorium at Marion, AL.

For more information, and to see how you can get involved today, visit the Perry County 4-H website.