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Emergency Handbook

 Emergency Handbook cover

BE PROACTIVE. The best way to protect your home and family is by preparing ahead of time with the EMERGENCY HANDBOOK.

For more information on Emergency Preparedness feel free to contact the Pickens County Emergency Management Agency (EMA).

The role of emergency management as a service is ever expanding in scope and increasing in its commitment to the citizens of Pickens County. This agency recognizes this commitment and will strive to parallel that service to the citizens of Pickens County to reduce or eliminate a threat to people, to property, and to the environment.

To effectively navigate this commitment, this agency must increase the partnership with our citizens, our local governments and private and public businesses. We must work together as a unit dedicated to preserving a lifetime achieved through the principals and practices of Prevention, Protection, Response, Recovery and Mitigation.

For more information contact Ken Gibson, Pickens County EMA Director at:
P O Box 459
155 Reform ST, RM 100
Carrollton, AL 35447