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4-H RiverKids Coming Soon!

Young man in kayak on river

4-H Paddle Sports programs and activities have the combined strengths of Land-Grant research-based education, service, and technical expertise in paddling instruction.

In addition to engaging youth in educational activities, this is also an opportunity to promote and contribute to Alabama’s Ecotourism by: 1) increasing the use of our waterways 2) increasing the knowledge and awareness of environmental and management issues, and 3) the incorporation of service projects.

Our Pilot Program, 4-H RiverKids is aimed to reach both new and existing audiences of Alabama youth, and to strengthen ACES 4-H leadership in educational Outdoor Recreation and Stewardship activities!

Its a great way for our youth to plug into a highly-structured outdoor recreation and natural resources education program, while learning how to become actively engaged citizens and responsible adults by acting as stewards of their environment through service and community involvement.

We believe that this can be accomplished by working in collaboration with the Alabama Scenic River Trail (ASRT) Organization, 4-H/Alabama Water Watch, and other partnering organizations to engage youth in safe, fun educational outdoor recreation, stewardship, and service programming.

  • Engage diverse youth audiences in hands-on learning opportunities that contribute to Life Skills development
  • Provide the four Essential Elements of Youth Development within a 4-H Club setting
  • Introduce basic paddling techniques, and water safety essentials to youth participants and adult leaders
  • Promote awareness of career opportunities in Natural Resources, Environmental Education and related fields
  • Educate participants about responsible environmental stewardship
  • Deliver technical knowledge to broad audiences related to the ecology and socioeconomics of watershed management and the impact on Alabama waterways
  • Impart the historical significance of Alabama waterways to youth and adult participants, and foster an appreciation for the rich heritage that rivers and streams have played in the colonization of our state and nation
  • Train 4-H Volunteers and Staff to plan and implement paddle sports Clubs and activities within a Positive Youth
  • Development and Risk Management framework
  • Train youth and adult participants to become effective mentors and role models, and provide opportunities for meaningful service projects which will have a measureable impact on the environment and economy
  • Implement programming through 4-H Delivery Modes: Clubs, Enrichment, In-school Clubs, and Camping

For more information, please contact Tiffany Moore, Randolph County Extension Coordinator at 256-357-2841

Alabama Master Naturalist Program

egret standing on driftwood in a wetland area

The Alabama Master Naturalist program is a new statewide program whose goal is to help promote awareness, understanding, and respect of Alabama’s natural world among Alabama’s citizens and visitors. In addition, the AMN program will also develop a statewide corps of well-informed volunteers providing education, outreach, and service dedicated to the beneficial management of natural resources and natural areas within their communities.

Learn more about how you can participate today!