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Attention Seniors! Apply Now for Farmers Market Vouchers!



Seniors age 60 or older are encouraged to apply for a benefit administered by the Alabama Department of Agriculture & Industries, Farmers Market Authority Section to provide coupons to low income seniors. Each senior will receive five $6 vouchers (total of $30) that can be used to purchase eligible foods (fruits, vegetables, honey, and fresh-cut herbs) from farmers that grow them and are selling them directly to you at local farmers markets and roadside stands. The St. Clair County Farmers Market in Pell City is an approved market where seniors can spend their vouchers. Eligibility is based on income.

If you do not have access to the internet, the form is also available on all three Extension Kiosks located at the Moody and Springville Public Libraries or in the St. Clair County Courthouse (lower level) in Pell City. If you need assistance or have questions, please contact us at the St. Clair County Extension office at (205) 338-9416.

Click here to apply: http://fma.alabama.gov/seniornutrition/

Seasonal Color Training Series

Seasonal Color Workshop


If you’re interested in learning how to have more seasonal color in your landscape, check out this interesting training series being offered in our neighboring county. For more information, please contact Bethany O’Rear, Regional Extension Agent, at 205-612-9524.

Click here for more information: https://www.smore.com/gaz54-seasonal-color-training-series?fbclid=IwAR0T-BWv0-f_fcoviKGGn1FKFhkGsYDOmwO2jgPBGlHoabYzUaiYdaQLgt0


Scale Back AL Weigh-In Week of January 22nd

Scale Back AL

The St. Clair County Extension Office is an official weigh-in site for the Scale Back Alabama program again this year & our official weigh-in day is Tuesday, January 22nd from 8 a.m.–4:30 p.m. (If you cannot make it on the 22nd, please call our office at 205-338-9416 to make an appointment anytime the week of Jan 21st-25th)

Registration is NOW OPEN & you MUST register your team of two at scalebackalabama.com/join/ or on the Scale Back Alabama app, which you can download for free from the Apple Store or Google Play PRIOR to weighing in.

Take the first step toward a healthier you – register today! #ItsALifestyle #Drop10

Cottage Food Law Food Safety Course



When: Monday, February 4th, 2019
Time: 3:00—4:00 p.m. AND 6:00—7:00 p.m.
Place: Pell City Municipal Complex Building Training Room, 100 Bruce Etheridge Parkway, Pell City, AL 

Cost: $25.00 (pre-register online atwww.aces.edu/foodsafety/ )

Certificate will be presented upon passing test.

Registration Deadline: Wednesday, January 30th

The Alabama Cottage Food Law went into effect in 2014 and provides guidance and information for cottage food entrepreneurs. The law states that individuals can produce certain nonhazardous foods in their homes. Cottage food cannot be sold to restaurants, novelty shops, grocery stores, or over the Internet. The person operating a food business under the Cottage Food Law must attend and pass a food safety course approved by the Alabama Department of Public Health every 5 years. You cannot exceed $20,000 in gross sales of the food described under the Alabama Cottage Food Law.

This law states that individuals who obtain a Cottage Food Law certificate CAN sell the following food directly to the consumer: candies, jams and jellies, dried herbs, dried herb mixes, and baked goods including cakes, cookies, pastries, doughnuts, and breads. Foods that CANNOT be sold directly to the consumer include: baked goods with a component that requires refrigeration (custard pies, danish with cream filling, and cakes with a whipped topping), juices from fruits and vegetables, milk products, soft or hard cheeses, pickles, relishes, barbecue sauces, canned fruits and vegetables, garlic in oil mixtures, meats in any form, fried pies, fruit butters, candied or roasted pecans, candied or caramel apples, and popcorn (candied, coated, or flavored).

For more information about this course please contact Angela Treadaway at (205) 410-3696 or call the St. Clair County Extension Office at (205) 338-9416. You may also download publication FCS-2058, Cottage Food Law: Basic Rules and Regulations available online athttp://www.aces.edu/pubs/docs/F/FCS-2058/FCS-2058.pdf. Certificate will be presented upon passing test.

 — at Pell City Municipal Complex.

Serv Safe Class Offered


A ServSafe class is being offered on February 22nd & March 1st, 2019 at the St. Clair County Extension Office in Pell City, AL, from 10:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. each day. (you must attend both days)

Anyone interested may contact Angela Treadaway, Regional Extension Agent, at: 205-410-3696 or by calling the St Clair County Extension Office at 205-338-9416.

You may also go online to www.aces.edu/foodsafety/and look to the left hand side of the web page, click on Food Service and register online and pay with a credit card, which will allow you to save $5. Registration is $125.00 and includes all materials and test for certification.

Aquaponics Class Draws Large Crowd in St. Clair County


WE’VE POSTED THE ENTIRE PRESENTATION RIGHT HERE! Please visit https://auburn.hosted.panopto.com/Panopto/Pages/Viewer.aspx?id=17b14013-55eb-400c-9240-a92600f1fbb6

Dr. Jeremey Pickens, Alabama Extension Specialist, conducted a workshop on July 12th in Pell City on aquaponics which combines the practice of raising aquatic animals in tanks with the cultivation of plants in water without soil. An aquaponics system utilizes waste to nourish the plants, while the plants, in turn, help clean the water.

Over 60 people registered to attend, coming from as far as Huntsville, Thorsby, Montevallo, and Pickens County, to hear more about one of the hottest topics in agriculture right now.

Dr. Pickens is an Alabama Extension Specialist in nursery greenhouse horticulture. He did a great job & we greatly appreciate him coming to St. Clair County to share his knowledge with us about aquaponics! Also, a special thanks to Commercial Horticulture Regional Extension Agent, Gary Gray, for all his help with this program too!

For more information about what’s going on at the St. Clair County Extension Office please visit our Facebook page, St. Clair County, Alabama Extension Office or one of our Extension Kiosks located at the Moody & Springville libraries & in the Courthouse in Pell City.

AL Beekeepers Association: Dedicated to Helping Alabama’s Honeybees

St. Clair County Beekeepers LogoIf you are interested in the art of beekeeping and have 100 hives of bees or just one, the St. Clair County Beekeepers Association invites you to come and be a part of their association. Dues are only $10/person and are used to fund local activities such as special speakers and other various community events open to the public.


The St. Clair County Beekeepers Association was founded on October 12, 2012 to educate and organize local beekeepers all the way from hobbyist to the professional level. They meet at 7 p.m. on the 4th Thursday of the month at the St. Clair county Farmers Federation (ALFA) building located at 32775 US Hwy 231, Ashville, Alabama.


For more information about joining this association, please contact Ragina Swindeall at (205) 368-9112 or email stclairbeekeeping@gmail.com. Also, be sure to visit www.alabamabeekeepers.com.





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Outreach Support for St. Clair County Veteran Community

St. Clair County Extension Veterans Outreach Agent Assistant
St. Clair County Extension Veterans Outreach Agent Assistant, Wayne Johnson

Outreach Support for St. Clair County Veteran Community

The Alabama Cooperative Extension System’s St. Clair County office has received continued funding to support a grassroots outreach program for the county’s veterans.

Lee Ann Clark, St. Clair County Extension coordinator, says the funding, which was secured through the St. Clair County Commission, has enabled her office to continue providing outreach support to the veteran community.

“For more than a century, Cooperative Extension has been about providing effective, face-to-face outreach to people where they live and work,” Clark says. “And for this reason, we think we are especially well-suited to serve our county’s veterans, especially those in critical need of assistance.”

Clark’s sentiments are shared by St. Clair County Commission Chairman Paul Manning, a strong supporter of the program.

The effort has also earned the full support of Alabama Extension Director Gary Lemme.

“The partnership between St. Clair County, the state of Alabama, and Alabama Extension, which is directed to assisting active military, National Guard and veteran families, reflects our combined commitment to those who provided our nation’s defense,” Lemme said. “Helping the families of these heroes access Veterans Affairs benefits that they have earned and providing resources to help them cope with the unique stresses of deployment and returning to home life will benefit not only those directly involved but also the entire community.

Veterans Outreach for St. Clair County will be the duties of Wayne Johnson, newly hired to lead these efforts.

“There is a critical need to connect veterans within communities, especially in small communities, to resources that can improve their financial well-being and their employment prospects. In many cases, it can be as simple as putting money in their pockets to tie them over as they make their transition back to civilian life,” Johnson said.

The challenges of transitioning to civilian life often prove even more daunting, if not insurmountable, for those veterans suffering from serious combat-related conditions, such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Among those veterans, timely effective outreach can mean the difference between successful transition to civilian life and one plagued by chronic unemployment, debt and, in many cases, substance abuse.

One of the main goals of the St. Clair Extension outreach effort is to reach these veterans with critical assistance before these patterns of behavior become self-destructive.

“My vision is to get out into the community and find veterans and widows of veterans that we don’t know about. I want to make them aware of the benefits that are available to them and hopes to make all veterans more aware of the numerous services and benefits available to them,” Johnson said.

“I plan to visit all the nursing homes,” he said. “Also, I not only want to talk to the elderly and middle-age veterans, but I also want to reach out to younger veterans.”

Considering the number of veterans in St. Clair County alone — some 7300 — an outreach program that presents veterans with viable treatment options potentially could save hundreds of thousands of dollars.

This unclaimed assistance not only would benefit the returning veterans but also the local economies where they live and work.

Any questions concerning this program or if you are a Veteran in need of assistance, please contact Wayne Johnson, Veterans Outreach Agent Assistant. He can be reached at the St. Clair County Extension Office by calling (205) 338-9416 or email wjj0006@auburn.edu.