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Preserving Summer’s Bounty


Talladega Canning
Preserving Summer’s Bounty

 Preserving Summer’s Bounty

July 26, 2018

Presented by

Angela Treadaway from the Alabama Cooperative Extension System


Talladega County Extension Office

132 North Court Street

Talladega, AL 35160

1 – 4pm

Fee: $10 to cover supplies


We will cover canning low acid foods (vegetables) in a pressure canner, high acid foods such as jams, jellies, pickles, etc and we will also discuss freezing fruits and vegetables.  At the end we will prepare and process low sugar peach jam (which you will carry a jar home).   You will receive a Food Preservation in Alabama Book and handouts.

This will be taught by Angela Treadaway – Regional Extension Agent.  If you are interested in attending please call and pre-register with the Talladega County Extension Office at 256-362-6187 or if you have questions contact Angela at treadas@aces.edu.

Preserving Jams and Jellies

Does giving gifts for Christmas from your Kitchen often give you that ”Warm Fuzzy Feeling”?  Would you like to learn how to make some interesting different kinds of jams and jellies to give this year?  Come to a program being offered at the Talladega Extension Office by Regional Extension Agent in Food Safety Angela Treadaway.   In the class you will learn how to make  Pear Ginger Preserves and Habanero – Apricot Jelly.  We will also teach you some creative ways to decorate your homemade jams and jellies and sample several different kinds too.  The class will be November 14th from 1-3pm at the Talladega County Extension Office.  There is a fee of $10 dollars to cover the cost of supplies.  You will go home with two jars ready for decorating and giving for Christmas as well as with many new recipes for other types of jams and jellies. Class will be limited to 20 participants so please call today if you are interested in attending.  Call the Talladega County Extension Office at 256- 362-6187 or if you have questions on preserving foods call Angela Treadaway Regional Extension Agent in food safety and preservation who will be teaching the class at 205-410-3696 or email at treadas@aces.edu.

Please click the below link for a printable flyer.

Talladega County Flyer for Nov 2017

Talladega County 4-H Contest Day #1

Talladega County 4-H Contest Day #1 will be held on October 24, 2017 at the Talladega County Extension Office (132 North Court Street, Talladega, AL 35160) at 6:00 PM.

Contest for this event are: (click for complete rules)

$15 Challenge

Chef 4-H

Freestyle Showcase


If you plan to participate in one or more of these contests please call the Talladega County Extension  Office at 256-362-6187 and let Amanda Gallahar know the contest(s) in which you wish to participate.  Please let us know by October 20, 2017 at 4:30 PM.

 4-H Events & Activities Talladega County 2017-2018


4-H Chick Chain Workshop (Egg Safety)                                                      August 12, 2017                                  Extension Office



Creative Endeavors                                                                                            Due at Club meeting.

Auburn Ag Roundup & 4-H Football Day                                                     September 16, 2017                            Auburn

Cattle Judging Field Day                                                                                   September  16, 2017                           Hope Hull

Auburn University Ag Discovery Day                                                            September 23, 2017                            Tallassee

4-H Chick Chain Workshop (Chicken Basics)                                              September 30, 2017                            Extension Office



Public Speaking                                                                                                   Speeches will be given at Club meeting (Officers must give a


National 4-H Week                                                                                             October 1-7, 2017

Tractor Supply Paper Clover Campaign                                                         October 4-15, 2017                             All Tractor Supply Stores

4-H National Youth Science Day                                                                     October 4, 2017

4-H Day at the US Space & Rocket Center                                                    October 7, 2017                                   Huntsville

4-H Youth Council Meeting                                                                              October 17, 2018                                 Extension Office

Talladega County Contest Day #1                                                                   October 24, 2018                                 Extension Office

Alabama National Fair                                                                                       October 26-November 5, 2017         Montgomery

4-H Chick Chain Workshop (showmanship)                                                 October 28, 2017                                 Extension Office



Baked Foods                                                                                                        Due at Club meeting

Peanut Essay                                                                                                        Due at Club meeting

4-H Citizenship Washington Focus Applications Open                               November 1, 2017                              Senior 4-H Members

National 4-H Conference Application Open                                                  November 1, 2017                              Senior 4-H Members

4-H Chick Chain Show & Auction                                                                  November 4, 2017                              Talladega Superspeedway

4-H Chick Chain Record Books Due                                                               November 10, 2017                            Extension Office

4-H Youth Council Meeting                                                                              November 16, 2017                            Extension Office

4-H Camp – Counselor In Training (CIT) Application Open                     November 27, 2017                            15 years old by January 1,


4-H Public Speaking County Contest                                                             November 30, 2017                            Extension Office



4-H Citizenship Washington Focus Applications Close                              December 1, 2017

National 4-H Conference Application Close                                                  December 1, 2017

4-H Summer Camp Registration Opens                                                          December 1, 2017

4-H Youth Council Meeting                                                                              December 5, 2017                               Extension Office



Photography                                                                                                         Due at Club meeting

What Wood U Build                                                                                           Due at Club meeting

4-H Livestock Quizbowl & Skill-A-Thon & Equine Quiz Bowl                January 5-6, 2018                             4-H Center

4-H Youth Council Meeting                                                                              January 11, 2018                                 Extension Office

4-H Camp – Counselor In Training (CIT) Application close                      January 15, 2018

4-H Contest Day #2                                                                                            January 23, 2018                                 Extension Office

4-H Chick Chain Registration Due                                                                  January 29, 2018



eXtreme Birdhouse                                                                                             Due at Club meeting

4-H Camp – Camp Counselor Application Opens                                        February 1, 2018                                 Must Be 18 years old

State Mid-winter Teen Leadership Retreat(Senior 4-H Members)            February 2-4, 2018                             4-H Center

4-H Baked Foods County Contest                                                                   February 6, 2018                                 Extension Office

4-H Youth Council Meeting                                                                              February 8, 2018                                 Extension Office

Chick Chain Mandatory Meeting                                                                     February 12, 2018                               Extension Office

4-H Summer Camp Deposits Due                                                                    February 15, 2018

North Alabama Junior Beef Expo                                                                    February 23-24, 2018                         Cullman



Blocks Rock                                                                                                         Due at Club meeting

Dairy Poster                                                                                                          Due at Club meeting

West Central Alabama Junior Beef Expo                                                       March 14, 2018                                   Montgomery

Alabama Junior Livestock Expo                                                                      March 15-17, 2018                             Montgomery

State 4-H Air Rifle, Air Pistol & BB Championship                                   March 18, 2018                                   Anniston

4-H County Contest #3                                                                                      March 20, 2018                                   Extension Office

4-H Youth Council Meeting                                                                              March 22, 2018                                   Extension Office



Senior Achievement Applications Open                                                         April 1, 2018

4-H Camp – Camp Counselor Applications Close                                        April 1, 2018

Beef It Up!                                                                                                            April 7, 2018                                        Autaugaville

State 4-H Shotgun Championship                                                                   April 13-14, 2018                                                Childersburg

4-H Summer Camp Meeting                                                                             April 17, 2018                                     TBD

.22 Sporter Air Rifle Championship                                                                April 21, 2018                                     Shorter

4-H Youth Council Meeting                                                                              April 24, 2018                                     Extension Office

4-H Chick Chain – Chick Delivery                                                                  April 25, 2018                                     Extension Office

State 4-H Archery Championship                                                                    April 28, 2018                                     4-H Center



4-H Ambassador Applications Open                                                               May 1, 2018                                         15 years old by January 1,


Senior Achievement Application Closes                                                        May 1, 2018

4-H Youth Council Meeting                                                                              May 9, 2018                                         Extension Office

.22 Silhouette Rifle Championship                                                                 May 12, 2018                                       Shorter

4-H Chick Chain Workshop (Record Books)                                                May 25, 2018                                       Extension Office

.22 3 Positions Rifle Championship                                                                May 26, 2018                                       Pinson

4-H Ambassador Application Closes                                                               May 31, 2018



4-H Summer Camp                                                                                            June 2018                                             4-H Center

4-H Regional Congress                                                                                      June 2018                                             TBD

State 4-H Forestry Invitational                                                                         June 12-13, 2018                                 TBD

4-H Chick Chain Workshop (Cooking with Eggs)                                        June 21, 2018                                       Extension Office

State 4-H Poultry Event                                                                                     June 25-29, 2018                                 Auburn

State 4-H Wildlife Habitat Educations Program Contest                            June 26-27, 2018                                 Auburn

4-H Ambassador Interviews                                                                              June 28-29, 2018                                 Auburn



4-H Chick Chain Workshop (Egg Safety)                                                      July 19, 2018                                       Extension Office

State 4-H Senior Achievement Interviews                                                      July 25, 2018                                       4-H Center

State 4-H Competitive Events Day                                                                  July 25, 2018                                       4-H Center

State 4-H Dog Show                                                                                           July 25, 2018                                       4-H Center


For more information on any of the activities or events on this calendar check our website at: http://offices.aces.edu/talladega/ This calendar will be posted to that site and any changes will be updated there.


If you still need more information please contact the Talladega County Extension Office at 256-362-6187.