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  • 07/12 - Blessed, Body, & Fitness
    Jul 12, 10:00 AM
    4th 1st Ave. SE
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  • 07/15 - Stocker Cattle Shortcourse
    Jul 15, 8:00 AM
    701 Hall Street
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  • 07/19 - Cottage Food Law
    Jul 19, 3:30 PM
    86892 AL Hwy 9, Lineville, AL
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  • 07/28 - AL Cottage Food Law Training - Tuskegee
    Jul 28, 5:00 PM
    Macon County Extension Office, 207 N. Main St., Tuskegee, AL 36083
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  • 08/25 - East Central Alabama Crops Tour
    Aug 25, 9:00 AM
    4725 County Road 40 Shorter, Al
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  • 08/26 - Herdbuilder Replacement Female Sale
    Aug 26, 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
    Alabama Livestock Auction Uniontown Alabama
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Craft Breweries Seeking Alabama-Grown Grain

AUBURN, Ala.—Small towns across the country are growing hubs for craft brewers selling what some are calling “liquid art.” Auburn University and Alabama Cooperative Extension... more

Dealing with the Dry Spell

Home Grounds, Gardens and Home Pests … Q. It has been extremely dry for quite some time in many... more

Brown Marmorated Stink Bug in Alabama

This timely information sheet provides information about the brown marmorated stinkbug, which has been found in 15 counties in Alabama more

​Conservationists plan to save America's shortleaf pine forests

Resource Link http// MOBILE, Ala. (June 16, 2016) - A coalition of conservation experts, nonprofit … more

What's a Loquat?

Home Grounds, Gardens and Home Pests … Q My neighbor has a rather unusual tree in her front yard... more

Herbicide Applications in Hot, Dry Conditions

Herbicides will work best when a plant is actively growing, vigorously growing plants … Herbicide labels caution against spraying when plants... more

Woodland wildflowers RATTLESNAKE MASTER - Eryngium yuccifolium

A native perennial forb, rattlesnake master is often found in open, burned woodlands and prairies across the southeastern US, but can also be found in the Midwest... more

Atlantic Hurricane Season Begins When the Calendar Turns to June

Alabama hasn't felt the impacts of a hurricane since 2005 when wind damage from Hurricane Katrina extended into northern Alabama …... more

Little Weed, Big Problem

Home Grounds, Gardens and Home Pests … When you think of summertime, what comes to mind... more

Daylilies are so Easy

Home Grounds, Gardens and Home Pests … Q. Every summer I notice those pretty orange flowers blooming in... more

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