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Fire Ant Stings Can Be Deadly

SELMA, Ala.—An Alabama woman recently died of anaphylactic shock after sustaining numerous fire ant stings. Allergic reactions to fire ant bites are rare, but require... more

Daylilies are so Easy

Home Grounds, Gardens and Home Pests … Q. Every summer I notice those pretty orange flowers blooming in... more


Forestry, Wildlife and Natural Resource Management … It happens every year, my colleagues and I receive calls from well-intentioned citizens... more

Friday Forestry Flash Back – April 1, 2016

our weather is ‘strange’ EVERY year,” Alabama WX Weather Blog Last night’s thunderstorms … more

Understanding and keeping up with weather events is a critical part of land management.

Here are some links for those who want to learn more about cloud identification, or just appreciate the beauty of clouds... more

Friday Forestry Flashback – February 26, 2016 Antique Forestry Postcards (and other historic images)

Forestry postcards from the turn of the last century can be a great way to learn about forests and forest practices of the past... more

Friday Forestry Flash Back – February 19, 2016 Alabama’s Historic Aerial Photography Database

Ever wonder how your property might have looked 30, 40, 50 (or more) years ago … Or maybe you... more

Sugarcane Aphids Found in Central Alabama, Section 18 Update

Sugarcane aphids were found in central Alabama on Johnsongrass on May 3. If they follow the same pattern as last year, they are probably already in... more

Gramoxone Drift on Corn

Gramoxone Drift can be a concern in corn particularly when it comes to if yields will be affected …... more

Forestry Best Management Practices Live Demo

Join us for a ​Forestry Best Management Practices Live Demo at the Mary Olive Thomas Tract today at 130 pm …... more

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