Upcoming Events

Forest Management Workshop

Washington County Extension will host a workshop at our office on June 29, 2017 from 5:30 – 7:30pm.   Dr Adam Maggard and Dr. Beau Brodbeck will be our guest speakers.  Topics of discussion will be  pine beetle identification and management, and forest management strategies to increase forest resiliency: preparing for drought

Please contact our office at 251-847-2295 to register for this workshop. Lots of great information will be presented

F.A.R.M. Outlook 2017

F.A.R..M. Outlook 2017

Farm and Agribusiness Resource Management

Outlook 2017 Seminars

This year has been exceptionally dry for Alabama. Conditions in every county range from abnormally dry to exceptional drought. The east and northeast portions of Alabama have been hardest hit by this year’s drought.  Between drought conditions and other uncontrollable factors, nearly every segment of agriculture has been impacted in some way.

Please join Alabama Extension, College of Agriculture and Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station at one of the upcoming seminars for 2017 Alabama Agriculture Outlook.

These seminars are for producers and agribusinesses to learn more about the new Farm and Agribusiness Extension Team and be updated on the current situation in Alabama agriculture and expectations for 2017.

Registration will begin at 8 AM at each location with a light breakfast provided. Presentations will conclude at 10:30 AM.

To attend one of these seminars please contact farmoutlook@aces.edu

For more information on the new Farm and Agribusiness Extension Team, click here.