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Shortleaf Pine Field Day


Shortleaf pine is one of the southern yellow pines. It is fairly common in Winston County, though not as common as loblolly and Virginia pine. Shortleaf pine has the largest range of any of the southern yellow pines, ranging from New York to northern Florida, and west to Kansas and Texas. While its range is large, the tree is becoming less common, and there has been a 53% decline in shortleaf forest acreage since 1980.

Interest in this tree has been growing, and some landowners want to learn how to establish this tree on their property. Several organizations partnered to hold a shortleaf pine field day here in Winston County. It was held in the Houston area at Phil and Djuna Wilson’s Farm.

After a welcome and introduction about shortleaf pine, the field day participants traveled by vans to four sites to view shortleaf pines growing on U. S. Forest Service property. Experts at each site spoke on shortleaf pine restoration, prescribed burning, wildlife associated with shortleaf pine, and shortleaf pine restoration assistance programs.

After returning to the Wilson Farm, a lunch was served by the sponsors. Thanks to generous sponsors and volunteers, there was no charge for the field day or the lunch.

For more information on upcoming field days and workshops call the Winston County Extension Office at (205) 489-5376 or Andy Baril, Forestry, Wildlife, and Natural Resource Regional Extension Agent, at (205) 221-3392.