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2017 4-H Chick Chain Project

The Chick Chain project registration is now open for 2017!

Click here for a registration form: 2017 Registration Form_dhs01302017. Registration form with deposit due by March 24th.

What is the 4-H Chick Chain? The 4-H Chick Chain project encourages youth to produce healthy chickens….and along the way, they learn about business management, develop record keeping skills (income and expenses), contribute to their family’s home food supply and realize the pride of accomplishment!

How does the 4-H Chick Chain work? A $50 deposit is required to register for the project. Each registered youth will receive 10, day-old pullet (female) chicks from two of the breeds mentioned below. They will raise their birds for 20 weeks and bring two of the birds (of the same breed) back to the show and auction on October 7th. The $50 deposit will be returned back to the youth as long as he/she participates in the show and auction.

This year, the bird breed selection will include Welsummers, Barred Rocks and Easter Eggers.

What makes the 4-H Chick Chain project so special? The birds are hatched from NPIP certified stock, clean from Pullorum-Typhoid and Avian Influenza, and also vaccinated against Marek’s disease. But the real reason it’s so special is that the 4-H’ers learn a lot of life skills by raising birds with hands-on care….following structured guidelines for protein (diet), health and housing.

Contact Doug Summerford, 4-H Foundation Regional Extension Agent for more information at 334-750-1573 or dhs0006@aces.edu.